TCE Group srl

Since 1960, charging is our history!

The innovative technology applied to our products guarantees the best charge to optimize and increase the life of the battery and its performance. 

Our mission is to keep on evolving in the research & development field, to be able to introduce on the market the most cutting-edge technologies applied to our chargers

Several years of experience in the research & development sector, cooperation with the largest manufacturers in the field of material handling, allow us to offer the best quality and the best choice for charging any type of battery.

Our vision is to create a worldwide distribution network able to reach everyone across the globe


Foundation of
TCE Group Srl
and start of production
of the battery chargers.

Beginning of production
of traditional battery chargers
power transformer and analog timer.


TCE Group Srl develops a new way
to work aluminum conductors.

New power transformers
in aluminum with the same characteristics
as those in copper.


Turning point
for TCE Group Srl
with new controls
and new design.

of the new futuristic design of the EVO Series. Transaction from the old analog control to the digital one.
Introduction of a new control board with display that displays the charging parameters.


Development of new integrated functions.

Special programs integrated in all
control boards that modify the charge cycle
according to
to the condition of the battery.


From “Compact” to “SE” series.

Introduction of a new design for the old “Compact” series making the new model perfect in every situation.


From old to new technology: introduction of the KRONOS series.

The Kronos series is the first high frequency battery charger produced by TCE Group Srl that offers many unique features in its genre.


Innovative technologies for “On-Board” charges: introduction of the NEOS series.

To face new markets, from the same technology used on the Kronos Series, TCE Group Srl has developed a new dedicated battery charger for On-Board use with IP-67 protection rating.


Breakthrough in communication.

Start distribution of products with infrared technology and start of the study for Bluetooth communication and complete bootloader.


The world’s first THREE-PHASE IP67 charger.

Presentation and start distribution of the first three-phase battery charger in the world with IP67 protection rating and equipped with Bluetooth communication.


New warehouse and introduction of the new KRONOS Next.

Construction of the new warehouse with more than 1300 pallet spaces has been completed to increase the availability of material ready for delivery.

Evolution of the previous KRONOS series into KRONOS Next with new unique and innovative functions.


Purchase of a new production plant.

With the constant growth of the demand for the K-Next Series, TCE Group srl had to increase its production area to a total of almost 7,000 square meters.



Introduction of a new technology applied to the K-Next Series for remote control of your device and data download. This innovative accessory also adds unique feature to the device.